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Alarm Systems

GE Tecom Challenger 10

Challenger10 is an advanced security solution designed for commercial and corporate sectors and is the perfect solution for the security requirements of banks, retail outlets, educational facilities and more. Challenger10 is a modular system which can be scaled for almost any application, from small to large commercial installations. With thousands of programmable options, Challenger10 has been designed to meet any security and access requirement and can be tailored to your own security policies.

GE Tecom Mobile

Get mobile with your Challenger system with the Tecom Mobile app.

This simple yet powerful interface allows you to control your system on all of your popular digital devices.

Open doors, arm or disarm areas, isolate inputs or control lighting - on a stylish, modern app.

Communicating directly to the suite of Challenger panels, including Challenger10, ChallengerSE and ChallengerLE, Tecom Mobile is just another reason why Challenger is a great choice for your intrusion and access control needs.

Features include:

  • control of your Challenger panel entities including areas, inputs, doors, automation zones and LAN devices

  • user management control including user access, ability to change PIN codes and assign access

  • view alarm and event history

  • reset alarms

GE Forcefield

Forcefield is an integrated security management platform that seamlessly combines access control, intrusion detection and video surveillance into a single, unified system. Forcefield works with the Tecom Challenger portfolio.

Forcefield allows you to control doors, alarms, user access, cameras (including PTZ cameras), digital recorders, intercoms and video switchers from a single operator screen on a Windows PC. Integration to digitial video recorders through Forcefield’s video module gives you the ability to link events to video footage and control the video system from within Forcefield.

Operators can manually view live or recorded footage which can be recalled from graphic maps or via a drag-and-drop method from a list into a matrix view. Matrix views can be saved and recalled, on the go, by operators to save time. PTZ cameras can be controlled directly by operators or sent to a present automatically on alarm.

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