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Elegantly designed for homes and holiday houses

Xtratus® is PROTECT´s lightning-fast Fog Cannon™ which is specially designed to protect private homes. Its high-speed protection and sleek design have been achieved through patented fluid technology.

Fog Cannons


A classic in security fog protection - also for domestic use

Model 600i™ is our best-selling Fog Cannon™. It's a professional product often used in medium to large sized offices and shops. However, it is also suitable for protecting e.g. large living rooms, garages and wine cellars.

The model 600i™ offers an impressive outburst of fog when activated.


For protection of large spaces in private premises

The 1100i™ model is a very powerful Fog Cannon™ designed for burglary protection of large offices, large stores, and warehouses etc. However, it is also used in private homes with large living rooms, garages, stables, machinery parks, or cellars etc.

It's a professional and highly flexible Fog Cannon™ with outstanding features and power.

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